KingTech K120 G4

Call for Price!

  • Diameter: 95.25mm
  • Length: 235.5mm
  • Weight: 1300g
  • Max. RPM: 140,000
  • Thrust: 12kg
  • EGT: 700 °C max
  • Fuel consumption: 385 g / min

KingTech G4 utilizes SBus data transmission. Engine/ECU integration, all operating parameters including total run time are all recorded into the engine. The smaller and lighter external Data Relay Module (DRM) is responsible for all data, signal and power transmission. A micro USB connector is present for a future connectivity of wireless mobile apps. The G4 features a brushless starter motor for reliability and durability, built-in FOD screen is also integrated. After a run cycle and receiver switched off, GSU will remain on only until cool down completes.