Petrol Engines

IAD Model Designs proudly presents its range of Giant Scale 2 - stroke petrol engines for use in radio controlled model aeroplanes.

ZDZ Engines

ZDZ engines are made with over ten year’s experience in design and production.

All ZDZ engines are developed and designed specially for RC Giant Scale Model Aircraft.

With ZDZ engines you get:

  • Great power to weight ratio
  • Nice Smooth Design
  • Very low vibration
  • Linear Throttle Response
  • Low and quiet idle
  • Easy starting
  • Fully shielded electronic ignition without any radio interference
ZDZ engines are not for powering any manned means of transport/machinery of any kind. The companies ZDZ and IAD Model Designs are not responsible for any damage to persons or property by use of these engines for any purpose. ZDZ engines are intended only for powering radio controlled aircraft.

Manufacturing Technology Roto Engines

  • Crank case (kit) –  Is a rough-worked casting,  then machined on a CNC milling cutter. After that it is powder coated.
  • Cylinder (roll) – Made from a single piece of dural with a pressed liner made from mild-granular cast iron, it is then sharpened and honed to size. 
  • Piston – Cast from silicon alloy with one piston ring. The Small end for the 8 mm gudgeon pin is honed
  • Piston rod – Is forged, with two needle bearings pressed into the piston rod. 
  • Crank shaft –  Is a one piece steel item, hardened, balanced and completely sharpened.
  • Back plate – Is a cast item, which is hardened, sharpened and rolled.
  • The Engines are then cleaned, checked and then built up.

  • From 20cc to 222CC DLE Engine has quite a range.
  • Great power to weight ratio.
  • Compact engine design.
  • Electronic ignition.
  • Exhaust included.
  • Stand offs included*.
  • Multi bolt hub.